preservative agent
  nutrition agent
  dehydrated vegetables
  flavoring agent
  soybean products
Brief Introduction
WOLF CANYON (YANTAI) TRADING LIMITED, subsidiary of America WOLF CANYON GROUP CORPORATION, is a professional food additives company based on China Mainland.Sticking to the principle of good faith,high quality and attentive services,we have exported our products to more than 60 countries and regions,such as Europe,South America,U.S.A.,Japan and Southeast Asian etc.
The main business scopes
1. Food additives:MTR-79,preservative agent,antioxidant,nutrition(enhancer) agent,stabilizer,thickening agent,food color,flavor & perfume,acidifying agent,anticaking agents,antifoaming agents,bleaching agents,swelling agent,emulsifying agent,enzymes,humectants,coagulating agent,sweetener.
2.Food ingredients:bread-crumb,starch,modified starch,starch sugar,yeast,vegetable protein,dietary fiber,flavoring agent,animal & plant extract,soybean products,functional food ingredients.
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